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    No estoy azul. Podria decirse que estoy mas gris mezclado con celeste, pero ya se me va a pasar.

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  2. "- We could have an affair. Millions of people do. But an affair, it is a fairly pedestrian thing. And the story always ends the same.
    - Does it?
    - What we have between us is… so much more than that, more than a simple affair."
    — Virginia and Bill - Masters Of Sex, season 2, episode 1 “Parallax”

  3. "- Freud probably said it best.
    - There are no accidents.
    - Then we’re of the same mind.
    - I think we are. And I think it’s good that we clear this up."
    — Bill and Virgina - Masters Of Sex, season 2, episode 1 “Parallax”

  4. reblog if your vagina glows in the dark

    and I cum rainbows.

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    Y quiero dormir con vos
    Todo mal hago

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    Cunning linguist. Snake charmer. 

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  10. "Trying to force something is the best way to stop it happening."
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    Uno. Dos. Cien.

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    Tricky, A Ruff Guide dvd booklet front, 2002

    Tricky and Martina ♥
  15. Tricky - Suffocated Love - Maxinquaye(1995)

    You understand, I can’t stand…
    Now I could just kill a Man.

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